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A Drupal site (mainly) without programming

By Gerd Riesselmann - Posted on 30 June 2007

Today Comic-Sammlung.Net went online. Well, layout is still to be done, and the functionality sure will increase (there are non-hierarchical relations to be implemented, and user reviews will be integrated, too), but for now its OK (and gives the search engines something to do).

The site contains information about nearly 90.000 German comics, grouped into more than 6.000 comic series and categorized by topic, style, and publisher. The project was realizes in Drupal with (nearly) no special programming, but with sole use of Content Construction Kit and Views module.

However, some programming was done within the node type specific templates. Especially the relation between a comic series and its single volumes needed some coding to list the volumes on a series page - not much though, just a pager-query and a loop. It would be nice, if there was a relationship module for Drupal 5, but it seems there is not at the moment.

I also discovered that using views for taxonomy lists kills the breadcrumb set by taxonomy context module. The solution is simple: Put the breadcrumb code into the argument handling code in views, like that:

if ($args[0]) {
$term = taxonomy_get_term($args[0]);
if ($term) {
$vocab = taxonomy_get_vocabulary($term->vid);
$arr_bc = array(
l(t('Home'), NULL),
l($vocab->name, 'taxonomy/vocabulary/' . $term->vid),
'' . check_plain($term->name) . ''
return $args;

One last point on this project for now: Having that much content (it is of course not really much, but much) pushes some Drupal modules across the border, namely the gsitemap module and pathauto. For pathauto I used a DB solution, and I'm experimenting with a purely SQL based Sitemap solution. This however is another story to tell, and so is how you get external data into Drupal. You didn't really think I added all that stuff manually, did you?