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About me

By Gerd Riesselmann - Posted on 15 October 2005

Me As A Software Developer

I work as a software developer since 1998, mainly building cross plattform enterprise applications in C++. I also do Windows applications based on C# and Visual Basic.

My main interest is object oriented analysis and design. I was promoted to be a technical project leader in 2002 in the company I work for, since when the overall system design is under my control. However, since this company is rather small, my daily responsabilities range from database design and optimization to user interface and library design and implementation. I personally like this way of working, since it improves my understanding of programming and design.

As a programmer I want to build the best applications I can, and feel satisfied if people use what I build. On the one hand, this means to stay in touch with the customers, on the other hand it means to contiously improve the quality of the software we build. I therefore introduced tools and methologies for the company I work for, from source control to automated builds and tests.

From time to time I'm giving trainings in Oracle and databases in general. Though these are rather technical, our customers seem to like it, since it helps them in understanding what the database does and in solving everyday problems. And I like it, too, for it forces me into a better understanding. You haven't understood what you can not explain!

The Private Me

I was born in 1970 and spend most of my youth in a little village in Northern Germany (surrounded by a bog, actually). I moved to Cologne in 1989 and stayed there ever since. Here I met Andrea, whom I married in 2002 after living together for already five years.

I studied history and philosophy, but left the university before I finished, to start working as a software developer. It seemed the right thing to do at that time, and I still think it was. I wouldn't have missed my studies, though. They teached me how to do a good research and how to write down things in an understandable way.

At university, I co-founded and edited a student's newspaper. I still support it today by doing the graphical stuff, when I find the time. I worked as a spare-time journalist those days, too.

There is a life besides the job, though I'm doing quite a lot programming stuff in my spare time, too. However, I like to read books a lot, mostly about society, history and natural science, but I also like comic books a lot.

I'm a dedicated fan of Donald Duck and all the other characters in Duckburg, and I honour the work of Carl Barks, who created Duckburg as we know it nowadays. I'm a proud member of D.O.N.A.L.D. since 2003.