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WordPress 1.5 Coming - I Won't Upgrade

By Gerd Riesselmann - Posted on 12 February 2005

The German WordPress site announces the release of WordPress 1.5 for February 15th, based on a somehow cryptic upgrade party invitation by WordPress developer Matt Mullenweg.

WordPress is a very good application, and the new features in 1.5 look promising. But will I upgrade? No. Maybe after version 1.5.1 was released, but not now. Why?

  1. Too much last-minute bugfixing: Around 160 bugs have been fixed today or yesterday - out of around 800 bugs in total (as you can see from the bug database). However, there are still more than 60 bugs open.
  2. No transparency: What are the criteria for a release? How do they test a release candidate? Do they test, actually? In the past, WordPress releases had some serious problems, and fixes took a long time. Remember the missing xmlrpc.php in WP 1.2.1, just to name one? It took them two months to make a new install, which actually was release 1.2.2. Let's face it: WordPress has become a very popular application, and the hacking days are over. Now it's time to set up some quality management.
  3. Last, not least: What's about PHP 4.1.2 and Debian Woody? 4.1.2 still is the second most spread PHP version. However, if you browse the bug database, you will notice that it usually takes at least a month until bugs related to PHP 4.1.2 are detected (see this one, for example: the buggy code was introduced on December 16th and detected on January 15th). Since WordPress claims supporting 4.1.2, one should think it itself is developed using 4.1.2, but it isn't, as this bug shows. I myself published a patch related to WordPress running on Debian, but it hasn't been applied to version 1.5 yet (Update: The patch was applied on February 14th, one day before release). I was and am still facing troubles with WordPress 1.2.2 on Debian , and I'm not willing to go through this again. Not to forget the WordPress support is - well - poor.

I appreciate the work the WordPress developers have done, and maybe I'm biased, but I suspect WordPress 1.5. to be rather buggy, and that's why I won't upgrade but wait for the next bugfix release.

Update, February 15th: There's some discussion about this post on the WordPress forum. I replied to comments there, also.
Update, February 16th: For some reason, this WordPress forum entry can not be found anymore. Maybe it has been deleted.


I've been using nightlies for a couple months, some bugs, but mostly great software. They did work hard on this one. You will enjoy it when you come around for 1.5.1 though. It's the beauty of chioce, you choose when you want to use software... :)

You may want to state that the patch you published finally got fixed yesterday. Oh yeah, I agree with Joshua, too. :)

Patches in the bug database are much more likely to be noticed and handled.

Um, wow. I'd like to know why it got deleted.

It wasn't me, so it must have been one of the other moderators.

I just wanted to let you know that WordPress Nightly builds are released every night with up-to-the-day new features and bug fixes. Many WP users update to these new builds every day. This is how the releases are tested. Also, we would all appreciate if you rewrote your blanket statement about the quality of WordPress support to, "I am running WordPress 1.2.2, using PHP 4.1.2 and doing so on the Debian Woody platform. I have not found the support for WordPress in this environment to be good, but considering my setup, that cannot be considered a huge criticism of WordPress and the forum helpers."

We apologize, but as we are all volunteers, we cannot support every configuration. Currently, support is leaning towards PHP versions 4.3.9, 4.3.10, and starting to lean towards PHP v5.

Waiting for the next bug fix release is a reasonable course. As it's been a reasonable course since the inception of software development. :)

As for communication from the developers, I agree. It's been less than desired. I wrote as much on my own weblog. And because of that I won't be downloading a nightly for quite some time. :)