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Identifrac reloaded

Maybe you know identicons: little unique icons generated out of hash values. But maybe you don't know identifracs, which offer the same functionality based upon fractal functions. Identifrac was created back in 2007 by Jesse Dubay, but his site has gone in the meantime. That's why I took his code, updated it, and now released it to the open domain.

Drupal Most Popular Posts Block

I'm currently experimenting if and how presenting users links to other content of this site affects the site navigation (and how you may have guessed: Yes, I got myself a Google Analytics account, too). First I decided to display related articles beneath each articles. Now I'm trying a "Most popular" block that displays the top five pages visited within the last three days. Here's how I did it.

Gravatar support

I added support for Gravatars today. If you own a gravatar, it will be displayed aside your comment. The following images have a special meaning:

Gravatar for users without gravatar This is displayed, if you do not have a gravatar. It show's a plant called "Sonnentau" in German, scientifically it is called Drosera something. It grows in the bog and eats insects. Nothing about your character or your favourite meal is implied by that.
My gravatar And this is me ;-).

RSS doesn't know a base-URL

Writing about the base tag and stupid search engines I completly forgot that RSS doesn't accept relative links - for a good reason of course. This caused at least Bloglines to get a little bit wild about my feed and I'm sorry for the inconveniences this may have caused.

Anyhow, I decided to get rid of the problem once and for all by turning relative links into absolute when writing the feed. This is how I did it:

Moving from WordPress to Drupal

If you read this, most presumable through a RSS feed, this page has successfully moved from WordPress 1.2 to Drupal 4.6.3. Regard this as beeing a simple test. I'll cover the why's and how's later on.

WP-Questionnaire Plugin

A while ago I hacked my WordPress installation to ask the user a stupid question before committing a comment. However, there's already a plugin, that does exactly this.

Just a little blank

I validated my feed today and got a strange error: "Relative paths not allowed in <content:encoded>". I checked the according entry over and over but all links were correctly set absolute with "http://".

Were they? No! Finally I figured out that one link was written as <a href=" http://...">. Notice the little blank before "http://"? That caused the error.

Sending spam through contact forms

There's a wave of contact form spamming going around and it hit the Comic Marktplatz, too. The main purpose of this attack is to figure out websites providing forms that can be misused to send spam, effectivly turning them into open relays. This affects not only contact forms, but also blog comments.

Anyone knows a newspaper CMS?

Does anyone know a CMS that is able to distinguish between an author of an article and the publisher? These two roles are commonly treated as the same, which is suitable for a blog or company site. However, for a newspaper this isn't the case.