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Updating HTC Hero ROM on Windows 7 64 bit

By Gerd Riesselmann - Posted on 30 June 2010

I recently tried to update my HTC Hero to version 2.73.405.5 using a Windows 7 64 bit. Unfortunately this didn't work, since I ran into error 170 - "USB Connection lost" - over and over again, either when starting the RUU executable or after switching the phone into bootloader mode. It seems, that the Rom Upgrade Utility simply doesn't work with Windows 7 64 bit.

However, it is supposed to work with Windows XP, so the solution is to use Windows 7' s build in Windows XP compatability mode. Here's how you do it.

1.) Install the Windows XP mode. There are a lot of tutorials on the web, I used this one: some time ago. You may follow the tutorial until a clone of the first virtual machine is created. Use this virtual machine to

2.) Install the latest HTSync (2.0.33 at this time) in the virtual ,machine. You'll find it on the HTC-Website. Close HTCSync running on Windows 7, if any. Restart Windows XP.

3.) Connect your phone to an USB port. Start HTSync on the Windows XP virtual machine.

4.) Open the USB menu on the virtual machine and choose your phone (may say "Android device" or similar) from the list. You will need to do this several times later on.

5.) HTSync should detect your phone and establish a connection.

6.) Start the RUU update utility and follow the steps.

7.) After the phone is switch into bootloader mode, the connection gets lost. Like in step 4, open the USB menu and choose your phone from the list.

8.) The message "Waiting for boot loader" should disappear and the update process should begin.

This worked for me a couple of minutes ago, and I'm writing this down from my head. Didn't test it twice, since I have just one phone, which currently successfully installs the OTA-Eclair updates. Yay!