Tutorial XHTML2 and XForms

Last event in my “Do as much in a couple of days as you would normally do in a year”-week: Together with Natalia and Catarina I attended Steven Pemberton’s Tutorial on XHTML2 and XForms, organized by the German and Austrian section of W3C.

Pemberton is a brilliant speaker, easy to follow for both unexperienced and experienced users, and entertaining, too. He covered the basics of XHTML2 and explained why things were decided the way they were. The recommendation looks quite promising. However, of course, it will be of pratical relevance in about five to six years from now - if at least.

However, XForms is already in use, as Pemberton explained. He demonstrated some XForms-applications, and it was really amazing what already can be done. This is something, I’ll have a deeper look at the other day. The people at Mozilla are working on it, so maybe it will becoming wider spread soon.

Finally, I’d like to thank the German and Austrian section of W3C for this event. You did a great job!

Published: April 20 2005